The alleged contradiction within the concept of political crime, does not lead, as might seem at first sight, to its elimination: the objective of the imperialist bourgeois is not in fact, simply the degradation of revolutionary militants, the criminalization of their action with the low status of “common criminal”.

There is a will to “carry through to the end the project of criminalization of political struggle, defining as criminal not only the revolutionaries, the comrades who fight with or without weapons in hand against multinational capital, but anyone who goes outside the increasingly rigid judicial norms and fixed standards of behavior of the bourgeois.” ; however the operation is much more complex and devious, and its outline here is confused. While it is true that as the the activity of revolutionary militants is classed as “criminal”, they are punished for “crimes”, it is even more true that on the pretext of their being at war with the State, there is a totalized special imprisonment and special treatment; criminals yes, but special criminals!

Special criminal is synonymous with the “absolute criminal” or even “anarcho-nihlist” or “terrorist”. But if these are the terms favored by psychological warfare specialists, the political figure they connote for the repressive apparatus is far less indeterminate: it is the internal enemy.

Denying political “status” in words to the internal enemy it is completely recognized by differential treatment in practice. In fact it is first of all for “what you are” and only secondarily for “what you have done”. The central question for the imperialist bourgeois is no longer “what have you done?” but “who are you?”. It is your identity which is of more concern then anything else because it is this which they must annihilate. Differential treatment in all of its phases (struggle, trial, prison) is aimed precisely at this! The liquidation of your identity.

Political identity for the revolutionary militant, means first of all: the party. It is in the principles, the strategy, the program and the discipline of the Party which is autonomously and freely recognized.

It is affirmed in the practice of class war, this proletarian heritage which is recognized by the people, because the revolutionary party is the highest expression of the maturity, the consciousness and the organization of the class. The combatant communists affirm their identity in the collective action of the Party; the imperialist pigs try to destroy it through the negation of these dimensions, through division, social isolation, the isolation of the group, and finally physical annihilation.

The technicians of counter-revolutionary war, reduce collective action to a sum of individual behaviors, separating them from their motivations and from one another; in so doing they attempt to deprive them of their capacity to constitute a message. Thus they are attacked with criminalization and psychiatrization in order to destroy them. The technicians of counter-revolutionary war deny the right of any organized proletarian antagonism to exist, transforming its militants into singular criminal units, without history or political background.

More then criminalization, we must speak of political genocide, because this is the essential substance of the imperialist counter-revolution.

However, this attack on single militants, individualized and separate, cannot succeed, except from a tactical point of view, it is a real victory of the Party, as the collective consciousness of the class. Paradoxically to the same extent that the imperialist counter revolution vomits its violence, the revolutionary forces mature and go beyond the limits of the Party which marks the action of every militant, although it is able to destroy single militants, it cannot strategically destroy the Party.

At the maximum point of counter-revolutionary force, imperialism reveals its own misery and its own weakness!