The metropolitan proletariat has no alternative. In order to exit the crisis it must resolve the central question of power. Only by destroying the imperialist state and establishing the power of the dictatorship of the proletariat is it possible to detach the “Italian link” from the imperialist chain, only by refusing our assigned place in the imperialist division of labor, is it possible to fully develop the productive forces present in our area. Exit from the crisis means communism! Which means: recomposition of manual and intellectual labor; organization of production in accordance with the needs of the people, with “use value” and no longer with “exchange value”, which is to say the profit of a handful of capitalists and multinationals. All this is historically possible now. Necessary and possible!

It is possible to utilize the enormous degree of development reached by the productive forces to finally liberate people from bestial exploitation, from necessary labor, from misery, from fatigue, from the social degradation in which they are trapped by imperialism. It is possible to upend the imperialist crisis into a revolutionary rupture, and the latter into the point of departure of a new society which constructs and is constructed by social humans, taking as its center the growing expansion and satisfaction of the many needs of each and all.

“Only the immense increase of the productive forces attained by modern industry has made it possible to distribute labour among all members of society without exception, and thereby to limit the labour-time of each individual member to such an extent that all have enough free time left to take part in the general—both theoretical and practical—affairs of society.”-Engels

The imperialism of the multinationals, is imperialism on the way to its end, the historical phase of its putrefaction, of its decline, now without any illusion. It has nothing more to offer, to give, not even in ideological terms. The reactionary mobilization of the masses in its defense which forms the base of its frantic search for consensus is not supported by any economic foundation in this phase. The preventative counter-revolution as the solution, in order to reestablish the “governability of Western democracy” is now exposed as an end in itself. Force is its own justification. We are facing not only the explicit defeat of imperialism as a mode of production capable of continual, infinite progressive expansion, but also the resultant substitution of justification by force for the weakness of its historic justification. The exhaustion of its capacity to further develop the productive forces is an irreversible process.

No counter-revolutionary effort, however ferocious and violent, will be able to halt this, which is to say that no counter-revolution, however ferocious and violent, will be able to win in these historic conditions. Saying that imperialism is on the defensive, is not to say that it has no claws, or that its overthrow will happen in a rapid and simple way. In the period of its decline, it is extremely cruel and uses every weapon at its disposal, to cheat, divide, starve, torture and assassinate anyone it attacks. But its definitive overthrow is inevitable. It is not only because of its internal contradictions that imperialism can’t find the energy and the conditions for its own reproduction and its own development, but these contradictions are progressively intensifying and deepening, through the efforts on a growing number of fronts, on its borders and in the metropoles, from the people’s liberation war and the revolutionary class war of the proletariat. It is this war which prevents it from developing in diverse forms of its own, and specific to the counter-revolution in each country; and it is this counter-revolution which enables the revolutionary forces to strengthen, grow and finally be victorious. The bourgeois was affirmed because it was an expression of a real process of growth of the productive forces; the imperialist bourgeois will lose because in order to affirm itself, it is compelled to suffocate this growth. An irresistible necessity makes the process of social revolution which we are living through, irresistible, and among all the productive forces, it is ourselves, the organized vanguard of the metropolitan proletariat, who are primary.