Brief History of the Communist Territorial Nuclei


The Communist Territorial Nuclei are an autonomous formation, which operates in the Turin area in accordance with the thesis of Prima Linea (PL). Its main points of orientation are “territorial control” and “construction of the proletarian army”. The factory is at the center of its most significant interventions.

Some of the actions of the NCT in Turin include;

-Arson attacks on the homes of some Fiat employee on July 5th 1979.

-Attack on the car of a Fiat Volvara group leader on October 18th 1979. This action is claimed in the context of the struggle against layoffs at Fiat and in general against the “command and control of the enterprise”.

-On the 31st of January 1980 the NCT attempts an attack with explosives and incendiary devices on the Fiat Group’s Framtex factory. Following the intervention of security personnel a shootout begins and Fiat security officer Carlo Ala is killed.

After the arrest of some of its militants in June 1980, this grouping ceases to exist and some of its militants join other armed organizations. On July 5th, 1980 however the NCT carries out an attack on a Turin real estate office “against rents and real estate speculation”.