Social War in Italy-March 1976




Rome: Molotov cocktail attack against carabinieri barracks in the Quadraro neighborhood.

National: Attacks on carabinieri barracks in Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Rome and Turin. Some military vehicles are burned. A leaflet distributed in Turin claims these actions as a joint operation by the Red Brigades and the Armed Proletarian Nuclei. It is the first joint communique of the two organizations.


National: Attacks on carabinieri barracks in Pisa, Rho, Florence, Sampierdarena and Naples.


Naples: Ten militants of the Armed Proletarian Nuclei attempt to escape Poggioreale prison. Failing in this, they barricade themselves inside the prison taking a member of the staff hostage. He is released after they are given a guarantee of safety.

Milan: A bar is devastated in a attack claimed by the [leftist?] group “Armed Youth”.

Milan: A group of militants of Catholic fascist organization Communion and Liberation are attacked and roughed up in the vicinity of the state University by militants of the extreme left.


Livorno: Two exhibition halls of the Innocenti machinery firm are bombed.


Milan: Commando raids against the publishing house and radio station of Communion and Liberation.


Florence: The Armed Proletarian Nuclei utilize a loudspeaker car to make propaganda in the Santa Croce neighborhood.

Fano: The district office of the PCI is seriously damaged in an arson attack.


Naples: A group of extreme left militants attack an anti-abortion exhibition. Clashes with the police.


Rome: Three Molotov cocktails are thrown against the offices of the newspaper Popolo.

Genoa: Four fascists attack and rape left militant Angela Rossi.


Novara: Attack on the carabinieri barracks in Castelletto.

Naples: A Fiat 500 packed with explosives detonates outside a courthouse where five militants of the Armed Proletarian Nuclei are being tried on escape charges. Clashes occur between the police and extreme left militants. Numerous injuries.

Bologna: A group of extreme left militants break into the library of Communion and Liberation and torch it. The next day the action is claimed by a group with the signature “All power to the armed proletariat”.

Rome: A left wing militant is seriously injured by gunshot and knife wounds during a clash between MSI supporters and Lotta Continua.

Milan: A Molotov cocktail slightly damages a PCI district office. Fascists are suspected.


Milan: Raids on the Knipping company location in Rozzano and the Seam location in Sesto.

Rome: During a clash in a high school between fascists and extra-parliamentary left militants, police use weapons and injure a leftist student. Three police are injured.


Rome: Molotov cocktail attack on the Spanish Embassy.

Verona: Clashes occur in which a fascist militant is injured.

Rome: A police officer pursuing suspects in a attack on the Spanish Embassy mistakenly kills one person and wounds a student.


Pozzuoli: A dynamite attack damages a carabinieri barracks. The Armed Proletarian Nuclei claim responsibility for the action.

Milan: The city center is damaged in a demonstration called by the extra-parliamentary left in response to the events of the day before in Rome.


Turin: Sabotage action against paint factories in Rivalta incapacitates the factories and results in the loss of four hundred thousand pounds of paint.


Cassino: The PCI district office is trashed by a group of neo-fascists. Shortly afterwards the same group attacks the PCI district office in Aquino and wounds the secretary Giorgio Mencia. Two of the neo-fascists responsible for the raids are arrested.

Padova: Clashes occur at the end of a university demonstration near the campus. The police are attacked with Molotovs. Five arrests and numerous injuries.

Milan: Three Molotov cocktails are thrown at the church of San Lorenzo.


Milan: Attacks continue against Communion and Liberation. Molotov attacks on the HQ of Communion and Liberation in Porta Ticinese, against the HQ of the Christian Democrats also in Porta Ticinese and against the car of a Communion and Liberation sympathizer.

Naples: Speedy trial for the defendants in the Poggioreale escape incident. The defendants renounce their right to a defense and each receive two year sentences. During the trial a loudspeaker car is abandoned outside the courthouse. After playing a tape recorded message from the “Vito Principe Nucleus” it explodes.


Turin: Molotov attack on a carabinieri barracks and raid on the offices of CISNAL [fascist trade union] during which documents are seized.

Milan: Red Brigades militant Giorgio Semeria is arrested at a train station. He is shot in the chest during his arrest.

Rome: The newspaper Lotta Continua is acquitted in a defamation case brought by police commissioner Saverio Molino.


Milan: Five young men attack and injure the MSI district councilor Rodolfo De Lellis. Shortly afterwards extreme right sympathizer Giuseppe D ‘Angelo is also injured.


Milan: During a national strike of the three trade union confederations, hundreds of left wing militants attack the municipal tax office and the headquarters of the association of small industry. The later is completely destroyed.

Porto Torres: During a demonstration inside a factory, trade union official Giovanni Litri is attacked and beaten by some workers.

Bergamo: During violent clashes between extreme left militants and police the seventeen year old Luisa Toffetti is severely injured by gunshot. Crowds attack the offices of the prefecture and the local newspaper.


Bergamo: A pamphlet signed “armed struggle for communism” claims responsibility for shooting the director of Philco Bosch in the legs.


Turin: Arson attack on Fiat Miraflori .

Rome: The Catholic cultural center “”Carlo De Cardona” is seriously damaged in a Molotov cocktail attack.

Rome: A bomb attack does serious damage to the MSI district offices in San Paolo.

Rome: Two young leftists are attacked and beaten by a group of neo-fascists.


Bologna: A fire on the premises of the logistics firm Coge-Frin causes around ten billion in damages. It is assumed to be arson but no claim of responsibility is made.


Naples: Serious incidents during a demonstration against unemployment. Hundreds of people attack and damage the train station. Numerous shops are attacked and looted. The police intervene with twenty one arrests. Many are wounded.


Milan: A bar is seriously damaged in a bomb attack. The Armed Proletarian Nuclei claim responsibility for the attack, alleging that the bar is a location for the sale of hard drugs.

Milan: The gynecologist Fulvio Neri is assaulted in his study, bound, gaged and shot in the legs. A claim of responsibility (“communist fire against the parasites who exploit proletarian women”) is signed with the signature “Communist Power”. The attackers are women.

Brescia: Gunfire against a government building by extreme left militants.

Rome: A group of MSI militants attempt an attack on a PCI district office. Multiple firearms are discharged.