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Build a Revolutionary Resistance Movement: Communiques from the North American Armed Clandestine Movement 1982-85

Build-a-Revolutionary-Resistance-Movement_-Communiques-From-the-North-American-Clandestine-Movement-1982-1985 1985 booklet issued by the Committee to Fight Repression with an introduction by anti-imperialist prisoner Alan Berkman. Includes action communiques from the United Freedom Front (UFF), Red Guerrilla Resistance, Armed Resistance Unit and others.

Brief History of the Communist Brigade

In March 1973 on the initiative of some militants of Potere Operaio who left that organization following the Rosolina conference in the same year, and others coming from Lotta Continua and the area of autonomy the bimonthly journal Rosso begins publication. A wide area of debate emerges around this publication …