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The Twenty Theses of the Collective of Communist Prisoners of the Red Brigades-December 1980

DISARTICULATE THE STATE! CONSTRUCT THE COMBATANT COMMUNIST PARTY AND THE REVOLUTIONARY MASS ORGANIZATIONS! WIN THE MASSES TO THE ARMED STRUGGLE FOR COMMUNISM! “We are the leaders and organizers of the revolutionary war and the leaders and organizers of the life of the masses: we have two responsibilities: to organize revolutionary …

Build a Revolutionary Resistance Movement: Communiques from the North American Armed Clandestine Movement 1982-85

Build-a-Revolutionary-Resistance-Movement_-Communiques-From-the-North-American-Clandestine-Movement-1982-1985 1985 booklet issued by the Committee to Fight Repression with an introduction by anti-imperialist prisoner Alan Berkman. Includes action communiques from the United Freedom Front (UFF), Red Guerrilla Resistance, Armed Resistance Unit and others.

Brief History of the Communist Territorial Nuclei

The Communist Territorial Nuclei are an autonomous formation, which operates in the Turin area in accordance with the thesis of Prima Linea (PL). Its main points of orientation are “territorial control” and “construction of the proletarian army”. The factory is at the center of its most significant interventions. Some of …

Brief History of Red Guerrilla

In the Milan area some militants coming out of the experiences of the Communist Brigades and the Combatant Communist Formations, interested in deepening the analysis of the apparatus of information and intervention deployed against them form Red Guerrilla in the Spring of 1979. This formation carries out some minor sabotage …